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Your greatest investment is your ego. When you are sad, when you are miserable, your ego can feed on these illnesses, diseases. The ego can keep alive only through these pathologies; the ego lives on them.

When you are blissful, really blissed out, ego disappears. You are, but there is no ego, no idea of I, no idea of separation. In bliss there is a merger with the whole; in misery you are alone and separate. Misery makes you an island and bliss takes all your boundaries away from you. In bliss, the river disappears in the ocean. And we are very afraid to disappear as an ego. We want to keep our identity intact.

Sorrow has something very personal about it; bliss is impersonal. Your misery is YOUR misery; it defines you. It is nobody else’s misery, it is especially yours; it gives you a certain uniqueness. But bliss? Bliss is universal.

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